Tasketer, a new Project oriented communication tool !

Working in Project mode is part of our life. Today we mostly work in Teams, and with different Teams for each Project.
We exchange emails and messages, we share files and folders. We very often have remote meetings. But this kind of
communication is not making Project organization and progress any easier.

Tasketer is an efficient communication tool because it puts the Project central to your exchanges.

Communicate better and achieve your Projects

Without Tasketer :

Sans Tasketer

With Tasketer :

Sans Tasketer

Write Tasks
in your Notes

Assign your Tasks
to your Projects

Share your Notes,
Tasks and Projects

Follow the progress
of your Projects

Your Projects central to your life

Tasketer is for everyone, it is easy to use, no learning required, free Basic version and therefore can be spread out for free to your Team. Your Notes become the starting point for all your Projects. Simply address Tasks to a Folder to address all of its team. Behind each Folder is a Team dedicated to a Project. All is only Projects!

Share : Tasks, Information, comments, files, notifications

Thanks to a large range of communication tools, integration and dispatching of Tasks among Projects will be easier. Again, you are done with a long series of unread emails.

Your meetings are more constructive

Your Notes are archived, synchronized and shared. During your meetings, simply take Notes, then share them with the members of your Team.

Follow the progress of your Projects

Through Interactive Planning, you can see the progress of each of your Projects.

Improve collaboration with your Team, Build Team Network

Tasketer knows your Team and allows you to instantly assign members to each of your Projects.